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cooper is making news this week, rather than reporting it. during an e-mail released yesterday, the cnn host and "60 minutes" contributing correspondent revealed he's gay. as john blackstone reports, the real news may be how muted the reaction has been, unlike some other announcements in the past. >> i'm gay.& >> reporter: it was just 15 years ago when ellen degeneres made the cover of "time" magazine by uttering three simple words, "yep, i'm gay." was a groundbreaking, national news event and a big risk. >> ellen coming out for ellen meant that she was going to possibly lose her career. >> reporter: ellen's announcement led to an evolution, not a revolution, in stars coming out. some were forced, like musician george michael, after his arrest for lewd behavior in 1998. actor shawn hayes played a gay man on "will & grace" for eight seasons but didn't talk about his own homosexuality until after the show ended. increasingly, coming out is losing its shock value. >> by the way, i'm gay, as opposed to, yep, i'm gay, is absolutely the kind of new way of coming out. >> reporter: anderson coo
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)